Lords of Traffic Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place? What is a hit exchange?
Welcome to the wonderful world of hit exchange advertising. This is a great way for small business owners, opportunity seekers and website owners to get top quality traffic to their websites. It's a very simple concept, you will visit other members' websites and they will visit yours. The more sites you visit, the more website traffic you will receive!
What kind of sites do you allow?
Very simple, no framebreakers, no hate, no warez, no viruses, no adult content, no problem! YES, we do allow rotators and we recommend that Lords Of Traffic users consider using a Page Swirl Rotator. This is one of the most user friendly rotators for both exchange surfer and owner. If your sites do not follow the rule, not only will your websites be removed, your account may be suspended. Please make sure you check your URLs before you add them!
How can I recruit new members so I can benefit from my own downline?
Referring new members to Lords Of Traffic is a powerful way to increase your cash and credits, without having to surf or purchase more traffic. When someone creates a new account from your referral link, you receive bonus credits, banners, and cash directly to your account. Then as they surf and use the Lords Of traffic system, you will always receive a small percentage of every credit they earn... for life. So long as your account is active and your referral is active, you will earn new credits without lifting a finger. Now if you recruit a lot of new members to Lords Of Traffic (i.e., build a downline) you can have a very significant source of traffic. On top of that, you not only receive credits for the new members you refer, but also for any new members that they refer, up to five levels deep. And you'll see your complete downline list on your referrals page. To build your downline, people must signup for new Lords Of Traffic accounts directly from your referral link. You can obtain your referring URL by clicking on "Referrals" after logging in to your Lords Of Traffic account. Advertise that link and you will start to build your downline.
How do I assign my credits, banner and text impressions?
A. To assign credits go to the members menu, and click on Assign. There are two parts to the screen and you need to use both for the assigning of your credits. - allocate your credits by entering the amount you want to use against each URL, and click assign. You will need to assign these extra credits against your URLs one by one. - To auto assign, determine the amount you want to assign against your URLs. You must assign 75% of the credits earned whilst surfing to your URLs. If you have only one URL then you must assign 75%. If you have more say 3 URLs then assign something like 25% against each site. It is up to the member to decide how much to assign against each URL providing the total is less than 100% or more than or equal to 75% of the credits earned. - To transfer credits from one URL to another simply use the bottom part of the screen. Just determine the amount that you want to transfer to the other site, and enter this amount and then click on MOVE CREDITS To assign banner impressions go to the members menu and click on banners; the first screen will ask for the size of your banner, click on the size and a new screen will come up. If you do not have any banners, then this is the screen where you will enter the banner information. You can allocate either credits or banner impressions using this screen. Just enter the amount that you want to allocate, and click the button. To assign text impressions, go to the members menu and click on text link. You will be taken to a new screen where you can enter the information for your text link. You can assign either credits or text impression by using this screen.
How can I stop my credits from being eaten up by the super surfers and how can I improve my daily unique views?
A. Go to the members menu and click on My Sites and this will bring up the sites screen. This is the screen where you will add your site URLs. Click on the site name (the first box) and this will bring up a new screen. The CPD is set at 0 for all new sites – determine how many times a day you want your site to be seen and then change this to whatever number you desire e.g. 5, 10, 25 or 100.
I am using NoScript but when I try to surf the timer does not show. What is wrong?
When using NoScript the timer will not work until you allow that site via the NoScript. To do this, click on the S (the symbol for NoScript) or right click on your mouse and choose the NoScript options. You will need to click on “allow Lords-of-Traffic.com” or other exchange name. Once you have given permission to NoScript the timer will work.
How can I use NoScript and AdBlock to enhance my surfing experience?
You can prevent annoying pop-ups, pop-unders, automatic videos, and other nasties when surfing by using NoScript and AdBlock. To prevent automatic videos right click on NoScript and choose options, then choose plugins, and tick each type of plugin that you want to prevent from operating whilst you are surfing. This should work to disable the plugin. Also tick the allow placeholder as this will allow you to block any site that still shows even though you have blocked the flash player plugin. AdBlock can be used to prevent the loading of slow loading sites or sites that are heavy with the graphics. Right click on the mouse, and click on “block this frame”; the frame will then be added to the list of sites that have been blocked.
What must I do to not get suspended? Why did I get suspended?
Lords-of-Traffic has several cheat checks in place, including the Halt Page. The idea of these checks is to ensure that surfers are looking at the pages of other surfers, and to stop cheaters who are using bots. Every xx pages the surfer will see a Halt Page, and you need to click on the link. If you fail to click on the link you miss out on the awarding of 5 credits. Every time this link is missed it is logged. If it is missed consistently then that surfer will be suspended. If all links – the halt page, bonus credits, text and banner impressions – are missed then this is a good indication that the surfer is using a bot, and that surfer will get suspended. However, there are times when members are tired, or surfing more than one exchange at a time and the link is missed by accident. If this is a one off then the member does not have to worry about being suspended, but needs to pay more attention to the links when surfing.
Why does the red letters in the surfbar go?
The treasurehunt is a letterhunt were the member that find all the letters first win a price, then a new game start, its why the red letters disapear.
How many credits can i store?
Its not allowed to store more then 10 000 credits to your account for free and 30 000 for upgraded members. If you have more then 20 000, assign the credits to your sites. If you don’t assign credits to your sites, your site will not be seen. I encourage you to send some credits to your downline as well, to encourage them to surf. Also you can add your site multiple times to get the credits to run faster. Free members can add up to 10 sites and upgraded up to 50 sites. Just add your sites, assign credits to them, set the auto assign to the sites you want to get auto assign the credits you earn, and you will get your sites seen. This is done because if every members only store the credits, then there will not be many sites in rotation also to secure the future of LOT
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