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25 Signup credits
10 sec fast timer
3 Surfbars Hover, Click, or Social
Up to 50% commission
Team Surfing & MembersChat
Your Own Blog
Your Own Profile Page
Up to 3 Level of Referrals
Well Designed Customized
  Splash Pages & Site Rotators
Your own PM system
Live support
Powersurf (Gives Higher Surf
Dynamic Surf Rates
Card Games, Hi/Lo Black
Jack & Poker
Crown Run
Letterhunt & Treasure Chest
Team Competitions With
Artifact Hunt & Knights Armor
Up to 3 Level of Referrals
Dragons Den Bonus Page

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I am Kjell Skogsoy, and Lords of Traffic has more features than any other traffic exchange on the internet. Since 2008 I have added dozens of new features designed to make this the greatest traffic generator possible.

At Lords of Traffic we have three surfbars. Our original classic surfbar has hover surfing and allows you to surf at your leisure while enjoying all of our games and bonuses. The v4 click-bar is designed to empower your surfing with a single click, while providing a surfbar that can be docked to allow you to view websites that catch your eye. The social-bar removes a lot of the clutter and is streamlined for surfing and making friends through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and our own in house network.

Within each surfbar you'll also find a host of games and bonuses to keep surfing exciting, active, and fun. From crown collecting to armor building, to poker and blackjack, to the artifact scavenger hunt and our newest Tarot Table which allows you to win cash prizes. Each of these games has been custom made and are only available at Lords of Traffic. We also have a comprehensive Team Surfing feature that allows you to make friends that will surf with you. And a built in chat in the surfbar will allow you to talk to your team mates or talk to everyone who is surfing.

But Lords of Traffic hasn't just made additions to these three surfbars. We also have a host of other features available. Like the text ad and banner exchanges, which allows you to put our banners and text ads on your site, will allow you to earn even more advertising.

And then there is the impressive new social wall in every member's area. Member's of Lords of Traffic can post messages on their wall that friends and colleagues can see immediately when logging in, and each member has several profile pages that are ready for you to promote yourself and your website.

There are dozens of features at Lords of Traffic you won't find anywhere else. So many, I couldn't list them all here. But if you don't believe me yet, then listen to what some of the members of Lords of Traffic have had to say.


Quality traffic with a great chat!
Robert Graham

If I\'d known LOT would be so much fun and such a great TE I\'d have joined day one!
Terri Schlaiss



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